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Hobie Cat Sailing in Miami

Why Rent a Catamaran Sailboat in Miami?

The Bay of Key Biscayne is an exceptional place to go sailing, calm seas with good consistent wind year-round makes it a unique place located in the heart of Miami. Regardless of your sailing experience, cruising in the bay is safe and great to train new skills. We recommend for novice sailors to stay close to the departure point as they practice and build confidence. More experienced sailors are welcomed to cruise further out in the bay as long as they do not go on the ocean side or cross under any bridge. South Florida holds an extraordinary ecosystem full of life, don’t be surprised if you encounter a flock of wild bottlenose dolphins, spotted eagle rays, pelicans or maybe even some starfish while taking a swim at one of the natural sandbars. The entire bay is shallow with only 13 feet at the deepest point.

Sailing Lessons

We highly recommend that beginners take lessons. You will be surprised how fast you will progress by receiving the proper guidance from one of our qualified instructors. In this type of sport, understanding the appropriate techniques is crucial and will benefit you moving forward!

Sailing Rescues

Keep in mind that our club is not responsible for conducting rescues. Even though our staff will do their best to assist any boat in distress, the customer is held responsible for returning the boat to the departure point no matter the circumstances. 

Questions about this Water Activity?

Make sure to also check out the other activities offered by Miami Watersports. If you still have questions about this activity, we recommend you to read our most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) or just give us a call!

Sail on your own without a guide!
Lessons available
No qualifications required
Showers/ parking available

Hobie Cat Sailing Equipment

Our facility offers two types of Hobie Cat sailboats. If you are unsure which boat is the right fit for you, come to our location and our team will be able to recommend the right fit for you depending on the wind condition on that specific day.

Hobie Wave Catamaran

(13ft/ max 4 passengers/ 1 sail/ 1 trampoline)

The Wave catamaran is great for beginners, having only one mainsail makes is an easy-to-sail boat. Whether you are just starting to learn how to sail or are not confident enough to take out the Hobie Getaway just yet, remember that you can’t go wrong on the Wave! It truly is a trouble-free boat that can be sailed by just one person with no problem. Fun for the family and exciting for the juniors while forgiving enough for the newly initiated, the Hobie Wave is the ideal must-go-sailing catamaran that will have you smiling no matter your experience level.

Hobie Getwaway Catamaran

(17ft/ max 6 passengers/ 2 sails/ 2 trampolines/ 2 coolers)

The Getaway catamaran is a much more enjoyable boat which can accommodate more passengers, contains two integrated coolers to hold drinks or snacks and offers more space to circulate. Having 2 sails and a longer overall length compared the Hobie Wave makes the Getaway an outstanding boat to cruise around the bay. Even though the Getaway does require a bit more experience, it can still easily be sailed by one person alone. No matter your experience levels, you will never get bored from sailing on this Hobie Cat!

Enjoy All Latest Gear | No Maintenance | No Transporting

One Time Payment

Prepaid hours valid for 2-years

$300/15hrs Paddle Sports

1hr/rider | Bring your friends

Save $150

$600/10hrs Beginner

Hobie Wave or Windsurf Beginner

Save $200

$750/10 hrs All Activities

Save $250

$950 60 Days Pass (All Activities)

Weekdays: max 2hrs per day

Weekends: max 1hr per day

Pass For All Activities!

6-months contract or Year Pass

Only 3-4hrs/Month and It’s Paid Off!

$299/month or $2.5k/yr (save $92/Month)

Weekdays: max 2hrs per day

Weekends: max 1hr per day

$399/month or $3.5k/yr (save $110/Month)

Weekdays: Unlimited

Weekends: max 2hr per day

+$25/user per month or $250/user per year

Add a family member who can use this membership without main user having to be there with them.

Not included: $10/hr per rider on Hobie Cat: $20/hr to add Foil Fin

General FAQs


  • What activities do you guys offer in Miami?

    At the Marina Location Miami Watersports offers Parasailing, Jet Ski Rides, Banana Boat Tube Rides, Flyboarding, and Speed Boat Rides.

    At the Sailing Center Miami Watersports offers Sailing, Windsurfing, Wing Surf, and Paddle Sports.

  • Are you open every day? What time?

    Yes we are open every day of the year from 10 AM until sunset. 

  • Is parking available?

    Yes, we have a public "pay by phone" parking lot right next to us.

  • Are you booking agency or the actual supplier?

    We are the owner of all activities and do not subcontract with anyone else. We sell and provide the service ourselves. Skip third party agency and call us directly!

  • What do we need to bring/wear?

    Be ready to get wet! We recommend a bathing suit, hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, beach towels, hair tie if you have long hair, and a change of clothes if you have plans to go somewhere else after us.

  • How many locations are there?

    We have two departure points. Check out the location tab for more details!

  • How far are you from Miami Beach?

    We are about 10-30 minutes away depending on traffic. However keep in mind that we have free parking right in front, so you will save time and money instead of parking in South Beach.

  • Can we add more Water Activities to our reservations once we get there?

    Of course, if you show up with more friends or family members, you will be able to pay the difference there, however, there is no guarantee that we will have enough space for the new “Walk-ins”.

  • Are bookings refundable?

    Miami Watersports reserves the right to reschedule if weather does not permit. No refund will be issued, but your credit will not expire and can be used towards any of our activities (not just the one you booked).

  • Online reservation or just walk-in ?

    We work 85% mostly with reservations. We do accept walk-ins although they won’t get priority and will have to go on the next available time. To sum it up, it is highly recommended to book with us on our site to have the least waiting time.

Departure Point



1 Rickenbacker Cswy, Key Biscayne, FL 33149

After passing the toll, make a right entrance just before the big bridge. Look for 2 large containers on the beach.




Up to 4 ppl


$[apr field='Hourly Special (from Hobie Wave Hourly Special)'] attempting to be used on a page where there is no collection. attempting to be used on a page where there is no collection./hr


Up to 6 ppl


$[apr field='Hourly Special (from Hobie Getaway Hourly Special)'] attempting to be used on a page where there is no collection. attempting to be used on a page where there is no collection./hr

+ $15/hr for each passenger



This is an Add-On to Rental.

(Hobie Rental Not Included)

+ $ [apr field='Lessons (from Hobie Wave Lessons)'] attempting to be used on a page where there is no collection. attempting to be used on a page where there is no collection./boat for 30min
+ $ 110/boat for 60min

Additional Options Available On-Site

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