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Jet Ski Rental in Miami Beach (Safety Tips)

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One of the best things to enjoy year-round in Miami Beach is jet ski rentals. To be sure, riding these high-performance machines will provide you with a ton of great memories, but it is always the top priority to play it safe. With a little preparation, it easy to make sure that your family has only good times to remember in the sun.

1. Just like a car, it is a terrible idea to operate a jet ski in Miami Beach under the influence of alcohol.

2. Make sure that you are wearing your life-vest (personal floatation device) at all times when you are operating the jet ski rental.

3. Pay attention when your tour guide shows you the boundaries of the ride zone.

4. Zipping around and jumping over boat wakes might seem like a fun idea, but it is actually pretty unsafe. It is not uncommon to lose control of the jetski and to fall off after landing. It is
well known that nothing produces more serious injuries on jet skis than jumping waves.

5. Watch out for your surroundings. When you are moving this fast (top speed of 55 MPH) you really need to be on the lookout for other boats, divers, and personal watercraft.

Done properly, jet skiing is one of the most fun summer activities that you can take part in. At Miami Watersports we aim to ensure that you and your family have safe, memorable and fun vacations.

The professional and friendly team of associates at Miami Watersports welcome the opportunity to outfit you with the ideal equipment for your jet ski rental in Miami. We look forward to serving you!