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Eight Reasons To Take A Sea Rocket Tour in Miami Beach

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Attention thrill seekers and warm weather adventurers! Has it been your dream to race across the bay of Key Biscayne past all of the gleaming buildings and mega yachts? If so, then head right over to Miami Watersports to book take out a jet ski rental in South Beach, Miami. As you glide across the water's surface you will feel refreshed by the water and soothed by the salt water spray as it cools your face with each splash.

A Sea Rocket is an oversized catamaran powerboat that offers a sightseeing tour of Miami Beach different from your typical sight-seeing tour. What sets the Sea Rocket thrill ride apart is not only that you get to take a tour on the ocean waters of Miami Beach and the Biscayne Bay, but how fast the boat goes! Unlike a tour bus or a normal boat tour, the sea rocket offers a thrilling adventure, while showing you all the Miami Beach attractions and telling you some fun facts about the city’s history on a live guided tour from your friendly tour guide.

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  • For the sheer thrill!

A ride on a sea rocket speedboat is definitely an adventure! The boat is called the Sea Rocket because it seems almost like a rocket ship flying through the water. At speeds of up to 55 miles an hour, this kind of tour guarantees tons of fun and excitement. Its sure to be the fastest boat on the water!

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  • Cool off on a hot day!

Miami Beach is famous for its weather! The days here can get quite hot, even in the winter. What better way to cool off than with some sea breeze and salt spray while aboard this super-fast sightseeing ride.

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  • Incredible selfie moments!

Be sure to bring your camera on this tour! The sea rocket is fast, but you will be able to snap amazing photos of all the Miami Beach sights from the water. What a view! You’ll be able to get some great action shots of yourself and your loved ones enjoying the adventure too.

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  • See all the sights on Miami and its Beaches

A tour on the sea rocket lets you see all the sights and attractions of Miami, Key Biscayne, and the Beaches from the water! This is the best perspective, and makes for great views of the Art Deco Buildings and Ocean Drive, while keeping up the excitement.

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  • Have a Blast and fun time with loved ones

The sea rocket, a 33-foot speedboat, has enough space to share the adventure! This kind of tour is great for friends, families, and even couples looking for a romantic thrill. The super-fast ride is fine for children and anyone looking for some excitement on the water, and will make for great group pictures and beautiful memories. Life jackets are provided so that everyone can stay safe.

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To speed through Stilts Ville

  • On the sea rocket, you’ll get to see one of Miami Beach’s hidden gems, a real taste of old Miami history. Just off of Key Biscayne is Stilts Ville, a community of houses built on stilts right in the Biscayne Bay! Many of these homes are still owned by the original families. Your tour guide will share some fascinating facts about the history of Stilts Ville.
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    • To get a taste of Miami Vice

    Get ready to see the real Miami Vice! The sea rocket tour will speed through Miami Beach’s most exclusive properties on Star Island and Fisher Island. These islands are among the most expensive zip codes in the country, and home to many famous celebrities. Later, as you pass through Key Biscayne, you’ll see the real-life Scarface Mansion right on the water! The friendly tour guide on board will be sure to stop and point out the mansion so you can get some photos.

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    • For the best view of the Miami Skyline

    Without question, there is no better view of the iconic Miami skyline than the view from the water. Aboard the sea rocket, you’ll get the best views and the best thrills! Your heart will race when you see all of downtown Miami and the bridges to Miami Beach. Just like a post card!

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