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Jet Ski Rental in South Beach (Best Watersport)

Couple on Jet Ski rental in Miami
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Attention thrill seekers and warm weather adventurers! Has it been your dream to race across the bay of Key Biscayne past all of the gleaming buildings and mega yachts? If so, then head right over to Miami Watersports to book take out a jet ski rental in South Beach, Miami. As you glide across the water's surface you will feel refreshed by the water and soothed by the salt water spray as it cools your face with each splash.

At Miami Watersports, you’ll find a great selection of 2018 Yahama VX Waverunners for your South Beach jet ski rental adventure. Each of the rentals is priced for either a half hour or full hour and includes up to 2 riders at no additional price! These jet skis are absolutely the fastest and most fun way explore Miami.

When renting a jet ski from Miami Watersports you get the benefit of a short guided ride to the riding zone which really helps with getting the feel of the controls before opening up the throttle. The ride zone is in Biscayne Bay which helps you to avoid the large ocean waves that stop you from safely getting up to top speed on your jet ski.

Jet skiing is a very fun and safe water sport that is enjoyable for riders of all ages and the staff at Miami Watersports work hard to make sure that you are completely safe and comfortable during your jet ski rental in South Beach.

Couple on Jet Ski rental in Miami