Our Location is great for all levels of windsurfing, from first timers all the way to advance riders. Lucky for us, we have the advantage of doing it in the bay, meaning that the water is always relatively calm and protected all around by the island of Key Biscayne. Advance riders have miles of open water with nice strong wind when passing by the ocean outlets; however, having a large area with only waist height water makes it the ideal place for first timers and beginners to progress with confidence. Nothing can go wrong in shallow water, you can always just get off and walk straight back to the beach.
Windsurfing at our location is the easiest and safest!
We also offer individual and group windsurf lessons! Check out our different deals below and come windsurfing with Miami Watersports for the best experience!

Hourly Rental:

Standard Equipment – $50/hr
Performance Equipment – $75/hr

Windsurfing 10 Hours Package:

Pay for 6 hours, get and additional 4 hours free

Standard $300   Performance – $450

Pay it once, and never worry about it again. The best part is that you will only be required to sign the waiver on your first visit, anytime after that a simple signature for the number of hours spent on the water will be needed.

Whats Included/Required:

• Life Jackets
• Harness
• Free Parking, lockers & shower
• 10 mins crash course
• Anytime Assistance
• Photo ID required
• Do not accept Amex
• Swimming suit
• Water shoes
• Hat

Group Beginner Lessons:

max 5 persons

Individual $95 (30min land, 1hr on water)

Our certified windsurfing instructor will first gather the group on the beach and go over the wind principles; parts that make up a windsurf; safety instructions; how to carry the board; and finally how to hold the sail up right.
After seeing that everyone understood the material taught, time to take it out to the water.
The next hour will be for many their first time windsurfing.
Staying in a small area with waist height water, our instructor will be going around giving one on one instructions depending on the needs of the individual, walking them step by step on getting moving on the water and giving them professional tips!
You will come back to shore much more confident and ready to go out and practice on your own now that you have the technique down! It is highly recommended to practice on your own for an hour or two following a group session, and then taking a private lessons to be able to progress and asking specific about specific techniques that you are having trouble perfecting.

Private Lesson:

Come out as a sailor!

Individual $150 per hour

This is ideal to take once you have already taken a group lesson and have the basics down. It is recommended to practice on your own for a little first, and then take a private lesson so that you will already have a basic understanding of windsurfing.
Our Instructor can teach windsurfer’s ranging from first timers all the way to advance riders, no matter how good you think you are, you are never done learning and can always benefit from some new tips and guidance.
With a private lesson, you will have an instructor by your side the whole time just for you and only you, you may ask him any questions on how to perfect a specific movement or anything that will help you progress in the sport. There is no better way to improve your skill then a one on one guidance, our instructor will teach you the correct techniques and demonstrate it right in front of you! Everyone has different trouble when learning a new activity, that is why having someone by your side giving you specialized instructions just for you be very beneficial for your learning!

VIP - 1 year Membership:

Sail all year for free!

$coming soon   Payable at location only

Enjoy unlimited Windsurfing all year on either the Hobie Wave or Hobie Getaway. Yes thats right, you can come everyday of the year, all day if you wish for only a small one time fee!

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Hourly Rental

$50/ hour


Hourly Rental

$75/ hour


10 Hours Package

$500/ package


Departure Point:


Standard Equipment



Performance Equipment


Windsurfing Info
Windsurfing Miami Rental

Our Location is great for all levels of windsurfing, from first timers all the way to advance riders. We have a large area just in front of the beach with waist height water, making it the ideal place for first timers and beginners to progress with confidence.

You can also pick to add a lesson to their rental to speed up their progress (highly recommended for first timers).

Windsurfing Lessons


  • Life Jacket
  • All safety equipment
  • Rescue motor-boat
  • Bathroom/Lockers
  • Free parking

Must Bring:

  • Valid Photo ID of each participant
  • Credit card used for payment


  • Water shoes
  • Gloves














Windsurfing Miami Rental

Miami Watersports offers Parasailing, Jet Ski, Tubing, Flyboard, Sailing, Kayaks, Paddleboards, Boat Tours and many more.

Yes we are open every day of the week, from 10 AM until 6-8 PM.

Yes! We offer a free parking pass to all of our customers at all three locations. Our parking lots are right in front of the departure points.

We are the owner of all activities and do not subcontract with anyone else. We sell and provide the service ourselves.

Be ready to get wet! We recommend a bathing suit, hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, beach towels, hair tie if you have long hair, and a change of clothes if you have plans to go somewhere else after us.

We have 3 departure points, check out our location page for more info:

10-30 minutes depending on traffic.

We work 85% with reservations, however, we do accept walk-ins although they won’t get priority and will have to go on the next available time. To sum it up, it is highly recommended to book with us on our site to have the least waiting time.

Of course, if you show up with more friends or family members, you will be able to pay the difference there, however, there is no guarantee that we will have enough space for the new “Walk-ins”.

We do not provide refunds unless you are not able to be rescheduled due to us not being able to do the activity at all due to weather conditions.

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